Test your Frontend Project and save your efforts

Test your Frontend Project and save your efforts

Making your work easier with some awesome tools

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As for front-end developers, we face a lot of issues with cross-browser testing , compatibilities, View-ports , Resolutions, CSS units , and a lot of other things in the design and technology level go into this list.

It is important to be conscious of testing your frontend output efficiently. Most of them are aware of API-testing, Lighthouse, and Backend testing. But this may be new for beginners but very essential when you make a SaaS/ PaaS product.


User-experience and effective visual communication with the end-user is crucial as it helps to generate leads, connections, delivering value, and maintaining brand identity. Not only that, practicing this will make you a better developer and change your working methodology.

Design Level Testing

Most of them are used the Inspect element (CTRL+Shift+I for Windows) - DEV TOOLS and later move to cross-device testing to check on mobile devices, tablets, Mac, and other device resolutions. Depending on the code, and browser DOM, there is a chance of losing accurate output, and especially it is neglected during the development phase.


Personally, I feel it is easy to use these on the monitor and I feel it is a hassle to test on <=14" laptops.


This is a great tool to check the responsiveness very easily and it is free


You can test on different devices and screen resolutions with this user-friendly application.

Also, available as a browser extension, but the app is more preferable.

Lambda Test

This is another variant but gives a deeper insight into the real websites.


Here I have chosen Safari v12 on Mac Mojave 1280x960 resolution


  • Most important feature here is testing cross-browser compatibility issues in 2000+ browsers

  • This can also avoid unnecessary time lag due to testing UI issues and improvements

  • Integrate with Project Management tools to point the issues and share with your team to automate the process


LT Browser

Lambda Test has its own browser for all-in-one testing.

It gives a very good presentable feel to our clients or managers.


These tools will help to maintain a faster cycle during team reviews and the development process.

You are free to connect with me on Twitter to discuss new ways to make things faster and productive.