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Joshua Poddoku

Joshua Poddoku

Open Source, Web3, and

Open Source, Web3, and

AMA about building scalable Open Source projects

Joshua Poddoku
·Mar 5, 2022·

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Open Source Redefined ⚡

Open Source projects are the heart of any technological innovation. In fact, all the tools used every day by developers and businesses are built by merging tiny chunks of these tools created by amazing Maintainers.

Today, we have a high scope of scaling an Open Source project in the entire history because of the community and possibilities.

Open Source is all about building stuff that is loved by the community ❤️

Peer Richelsen is the Co-CEO of, the Opensource alternative to Calendly, which recently raised a $7.4 million seed round by more than 40 investors. is an online tool for scheduling appointments, meetings and events seamlessly and efficiently. The team's mission is to connect a billion people by 2031 through calendar scheduling.

image.png is the simplified way to schedule meetings and paid appointments and the latest version includes Web3 which support crypto payments.

Peer Rich has great experience in building product-driven startups. One of his previous startups was Mage App, Inc, to buy and sell collectible trading cards, which served over 50k customers across Europe and the USA. Peer Rich then built Lean Hire, a Matchmaking website to help founders who were in a position to shut down their startups. Lean Hire got acquired by On Deck in Jan'21, and he worked at On Deck as the Head of Product for another seven months before starting

If you are a Maintainer, COSS Supporter or Enthusiast looking to explore and scale your Open Source Projects then feel free to ask any questions in the discussion thread below!🧵

And don't forget to catch us live on 11th March 2022 for Maintainer's Spotlight with Peer Richelsen on Aviyel as we will answer all your questions there.

Reserve your spots now 📩

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