Brush your Frontend skills like a PRO

Brush your Frontend skills like a PRO

A curated list of resources to stand the best

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As a developer, it is essential to learn and practice new systems and evolve every day.

Here's the checklist of resources if you want to stand the best to showcase on your portfolios, and building your Front-end skills for FREE. (Just need your time and focus)

All product-based companies are more focused on user interaction and design to deliver value and communication, so Frontend has been a great demand if you understand the aesthetics and design of the product.

Let's begin!

Frontend Practice


This provides a curated list of projects and resources especially contains designer websites like product or service showcase pages

  • Design Resources
  • Product Showcase
  • Animations and Interactions
  • Add your own magic


  • Slack Community Access
  • Get your score
  • Also Improve logical skills
  • All Levels
  • View other solutions and approaches
  • Download Resources and boilerplate
  • Discussions

Make your own!

If you have some experience already in Frontend then it is better to start your own projects.

List of Ideas:

  • CSS Library
  • UI Components/ Framework
  • Opensource Project
  • Themes
  • Extensions

Don't forget to share your work on Twitter and social handles. It will help you and add value to others.

Feel free to drop your comments if you have any suggestions or more resources.